the cover of Dare to Live, Dare to Love, designed by Lenika Kauffman (

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This best friends to strangers to lovers romance will sweep you off your feet with its intense mutual pining and love that slowly blooms. Watch Elle and Dylan, two cinnamon roll dumbasses who are terrified to face their feelings, fall in love.

Elle Jones is constantly immersed in her job and doesn’t have time for much else. Her work life is on point, but the rest? Not so much. She never takes time to take care of herself, and she’s terrified of not being good enough to be loved.

Dylan Andrews recently moved in with his brother after leaving London. He doesn’t have a job, but he’s determined to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

When the two of them run into each other, they’re overwhelmed by old feelings that never really went away. After a long talk on a quiet beach under a glimmering night sky, Dylan comes up with an idea that could change everything. He writes a list of things to show Elle that love is real, it can be true, it can last, and it can find her when the time is right. As they move through all the items written on a crumpled piece of paper, Elle slowly starts learning that there is more to life than she thought, and Dylan realizes that he would do anything to fight for love. Can the two of them face the feelings they keep trying to avoid before the list ends? Can they take a leap towards a future that could be filled with unconditional love, both for each other and themselves, or will it be too late?

Content Warnings: anxiety, homophobia (brief mention, relating to characters in a movie), biphobia (not specific, challenged), on-page sex. Scroll down for more details and page numbers. ❤ If you have any questions or concerns about it, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form on this website.

Chapter and page numbers for content warnings:

Homophobia: chapter seven (page 51)

Biphobia: chapter forty (page 288)

On-page sex: chapters thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirty-four (pages 229 to 237), thirty-eight, thirty-nine and forty (276 to 286)

More details on content warnings:

Homophobia: brief mention of a character in a movie having a homophobic family, and being sent to boarding school, it isn’t any more detailed than that

Biphobia: it isn’t said by another person or directed at our main characters, it’s more of a statement on general biphobia – again, not really detailed and challenged


the cover of The Beauty in Breathing, a collection of poetry by N. C. Moon

A collection of poetry about loneliness, pain, hope, love, and healing. And about trying to find the beauty in life even when everything feels hopeless and lost.

CWs: grief, loss of a loved one, fatphobia (challenged), mention of sexual harassment, depression, hints of suicidal ideation, hint at gun violence (page 88).

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